Bet you didn't see that one coming

When you're excited for a certain upcoming game, you usually like nothing better than to feast your eyes upon every scrap of media that the publisher flings out onto the Internet – and if you're hyped for Dragon Ball Xenoverse, then we reckon that you're probably going to have a heart attack when you see how many screenshots we've embedded into this article.

Some of the new pictures show off the title's DLC characters, however, so don't get too worked up. Bandai Namco has revealed that with the game's Season Pass, you'll get three DLC packs that each contain fighters, quests, techniques, and costumes. The first will be available in March, with the other two releasing as we move further into 2015.

Are you tempted by the Season Pass, or do you think you'll have enough of Akira Toriyama's creation to dig your giant ape fangs into? Gorge yourself on screenshots, then annihilate the comments section in a single blow below.