School's out for summer

We're guessing that it was a late Friday afternoon when Team Ninja decided upon Dead or Alive 5: Last Round's new character. "Before we head home, guys, we just need to come up with a bonus brawler to make our forthcoming PlayStation 4 re-release look like real value," one executive likely said, sitting around a large table occupied by other senior employees. "Schoolgirl," we imagine they all replied in unison, before heading for the exit.

The character's confirmed in the latest Famitsu magazine, although details are pretty scarce. She's named Honoka, and her pink locks suggest that she subscribes to the same hair and beauty magazine as Tekken favourite, Alisa Bosconovitch. Of course, being a Dead or Alive game, you can whip the fresh-faced fighter out of her blazer and tube socks and into something a little more, er, comfortable. Never change, Japan.

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