"One step ahead of you"

One thing that’s always put this author off JRPGs and anime in general is the diabolical dubbing, which is part of the reason why your humble host prefers the cheap skate approach employed by recent Yakuza titles and Freedom Wars. There are probably exceptions, but by and large, this scribe just doesn’t feel like English voice overs work in predominantly Japanese media – maybe it's a personal thing.

Either way, this Final Fantasy XV trailer sounds like nails on a chalkboard from where we’re sitting. Not only is the dialogue cringe-inducingly bad – “Rise and shine, your highness” – but the actors themselves sound infuriatingly detached from what’s actually occurring onscreen. Fortunately, we live in an age of Blu-ray discs, so we just hope that Square Enix will find the space to include the original Japanese voices, too.

[source joystiq.com]