"Wattam? Thattam!"

Sony's keynote at the PlayStation Experience was packed with brand new announcements, but Wattam was easily the most bizarre. Developed by Keita Takahashi – the man behind the Katamari Damacy series – this bonkers title is seemingly about, er, a green cube who has very particular taste in hats. Also, he sometimes explodes. Ahem. We'd love to tell you that you'd understand if you watched the trailer, but that would be a bald-faced lie.

Takahashi has stated that the idea for the title came from when he was playing with his two year-old son, and wondered what it would be like if toys connected to each other all by themselves. What's more, its name is actually an amalgamation of the Tamil and Japanese words for 'making a circle'.

Confusing premise aside, the most exciting thing about the announcement – and arguably the greatest moment in Sony press conference history – was when the game's director initially introduced his project. Clearly nervous, the auteur trotted onstage wielding a fork, promptly made a full 360 degree turn, and then proudly declared, "I'm Japanese, I guess." Brilliant.

Do you like the look of Wattam, or is a bit too weird for your tastes? Choose an appropriate hat in the comments section below.

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