Killing Floor 2 PS4

Gruesome first-person shooter Killing Floor 2 was just one of the many indie titles announced for the PlayStation 4 during Sony’s big PlayStation Experience keynote overnight. The platform holder’s open approach to developers has been bearing fruit for a little while now, and writing on the PlayStation Blog, the vice president of Tripwire Interactive Alan Wilson explained just how important the Japanese giant’s reconsidered mentality has proved.

“We’ve talked to a number of console teams over the last few years,” he explained. “But there always seemed to be reasons not to [bring our game to consoles]. One of the biggest for us was our independence. There always used to be a push to have us publish through some big publisher. And that wasn’t going to happen – we prefer to make our own decisions about our games. That’s why we’ve been able to have so much fun doing special [in-game] events.”

The unveiling of the PS4 changed all of that for the American outfit. “We noticed that Sony was really going the extra mile and engaging directly with indie developers,” he continued. “That was the big thing that made us look again. Work directly with Sony. All of the barriers coming down. We decided that the best way to go was to develop Killing Floor 2 on [PC and PS4] in parallel, and not look at the console like some after-thought port.”

The game itself looks like a raucous shooter in the same vein as a Serious Sam – except with much, much more gore. You can check out the trailer embedded below.