Farming Simulator PS4 1

Giants Software’s curiously compelling Farming Simulator franchise may be the most authentic agricultural experience on the market barn none, but it would be a whole lot better with some tractor apparatus to really pull in the punters. Fortunately, those mad cats at Mad Catz are working on some Saitek-branded peripherals to make the crop culling escapade that little bit more engaging.

The gear is still in production right now, but there’s the promise of a “properly tilted, centre sprung steering wheel with 900-degrees of turning and a wheel turning knob” as well as a vehicle side panel featuring “a front loader control stick to give you precise control of your vehicle's front attachments”. No longer will you find yourself bailing when transporting hay bales.

We’re being a little flippant, of course, but this should serve as a reminder of the popularity of the annual husbandry hit. In fact, the forthcoming Farming Simulator 15 is currently the hottest game on Push Square according to our internal traffic statistics, which suggests that there may just be a market for this make-believe machinery on Sony’s systems as well. Now that’s a turnip for the books, isn’t it?

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