Forbidden fruit

Wait a minute: did we miss a week? We can assure you that WAYP’s absence seven days ago was not intentional – this editor just got swept up in the PlayStation Experience madness, and, er, forgot to email the rest of the team. Don’t worry, though, as we’re back with a vengeance today.

Sammy Barker, Editor

I have so many review assignments to catch up on that I’m not sure where I’m going to start this weekend. Maybe I’ll just boot up DriveClub and irresponsibly play that, like I have been all week. I tell you what, that weather patch has made all of the difference.

Kell Andersen, News Reporter

The old adage "I'm beginning to sound like a broken record" won't really do justice to my WAYP submissions of late. Instead, let's go with "I'm beginning to sound like a broken record which thankfully was fixed, but then mercilessly broken again by some insane miscreant". I'm still playing Dragon Age: Inquisition, is what I'm saying.

Nicola Hayden, News Reporter

With the holidays coming up, I think that the team is planning to do some seasonal raiding in Destiny. This means that I need to raise through the ranks in time to participate. If I'm feeling like a rebel, I will play on my new found love Freedom Wars instead. I'll be causing some Grand Theft Auto level chaos by interrupting NPCs’ walking patterns – or even worse, talking to them.

Graham Banas, Reviewer

I think that I want to make my long awaited return to Alien: Isolation. While I've not really played a whole lot of it still, I have really enjoyed what I have done so far. That and something a little less tense like NHL 15.

Jamie O’Neill, Reviewer

I own a number of retro compilations on PlayStation systems, but sometimes I gravitate towards the same titles, because they hold more nostalgia for me. I've spent a lot of time with R-Type Dimensions on the PS3, but my instinct is to boot-up the 1987 original before R-Type II, so Irem's 1989 sequel deserves some extra gaming time.

Simon Fitzgerald, Reviewer

This weekend I'll be journeying back to the lands of Destiny with The Dark Below DLC. Also, if I have time, I'll round up some mates and have a crack at the second raid. There's gonna be some long nights for me this weekend...

What will you be filling your spare time with this weekend? Have you put up your Christmas decorations yet? Speak freely in the comments section below.