Indie developer Supergiant Games has put Bastion on just about every platform imaginable with the exception of Sony's machines, which is a disappointment considering that this particular scribe holds it as one of his favourite indie games. PlayStation players can delve into the developer's second indie hit called Transistor, which we thought was a stroke of brilliance, but you would be missing out on the solid, beautiful foundation it was built upon with Bastion. A few years after its original launch, now you can finally play it for yourself on the PS4 and Vita starting in 2015.

This isometric action RPG is a tour de force in a variety of ways. The painterly, imaginative art direction by Jen Zee is a spectacle to behold as you explore the shattered world of Caelondia and its strangely beautiful, post-disaster environments. The eccentric blending of many music genres that Darren Korb's soundtrack accomplishes is an impressive feat, which contains acoustic songs with spine-chilling vocals, too.

As for the gameplay, there are so many equally powerful yet diverse weapons to experiment with, upgrades to obtain for your stats and those weapons, and a touching tale uniquely told by a narrator that reacts to your in-game actions. There's much more that we could say about the game, but it's good to hear that both versions on Sony's systems will support the cross-buy and cross-save features. Other details such as pricing and an exact release date will be revealed later on.

Are you pumped to play this long-awaited port of Bastion, or does the developer's first outing fail to hold up to your interest? Did you plug into the excitement around Transistor earlier this year and play it? Watch Bastion's wonderful trailer and comment below to leave us your opinions on it.