Super Stardust Ultra PS4

We were kind of joking when we pleaded for a PlayStation 4 version of Super Stardust earlier in the week – but if you insist, Sony. The platform holder has set a course for the PlayStation Blog today to confirm Super Stardust Ultra, the latest entry in Housemarque’s outstanding twin-stick shooter series. You can keep your Geometry Wars and Nano Assault Neo-X – the genre's daddy is on its way.

It sounds like this entry will be built from the exact same blueprint as its brilliant predecessors, but will boast new planets, visual effects, and a whopping nine different game modes. There’ll also be an interactive streaming mode, allowing Twitch viewers to change up the gameplay experience by publicly voting on in-game events. There’ll also be a challenges system similar to the one in DriveClub.

Elsewhere, the game will support competitive and co-operative multiplayer for up to four fledgling astronauts, and much, much more. There’s no word on a release date or price just yet, but the Japanese giant’s promising that further news will be announced “very soon”, so we’re secretly hoping for a 2014 release. C’mon – all we want for Christmas is Super Stardust PS4!

Update: Whoops, looks like our Christmas dreams have been crushed. The North American PlayStation Blog mentions that this won't be releasing until "early 2015".

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