"This sure beats that party, huh?"

Just in case you were worried, Resident Evil: Revelations 2 will feature another shady anti-bioterrorism organisation that's clearly going to turn bad at some point. This video, taken from the introduction of the upcoming episodic game, introduces TerraSave - a recovery unit that employs protagonist Claire Redfield and her friend Moira Burton.

Unfortunately, things take a turn for the worse at the company's annual office party, with the duo kidnapped by a group of well financed assailants. The full game - which is set to launch from 17th February - will see the duo attempting to elude their kidnappers, while series fave Barry Burton also goes out in search of his daughter.

We're not sure how well the episodic structure's going to work, but this campy clip has reminded us why we love Capcom's survival horror series in the first place. Bring it on.

[source youtube.com, via gematsu.com]