Back stabber

Hands up if you remember Basement Crawl? The curious Bomberman-inspired PlayStation 4 exclusive from Bloober Team attained a reasonable amount of attention due to it being one of the first next-gen titles to deploy in 2014. The final product left a lot to be desired, however, prompting it to earn a miserable Metascore of just 27.

Not long after launch, the Polish studio pledged that it would rebuild and re-release the title on a new engine – with existing owners promised the enhanced edition for free. And our first glimpse at the update, now named Brawl, has finally appeared online, touting a 2015 release date – and several immediately noticeable improvements.

While we're not overly familiar with the original, it looks like it's ditched its dreary artstyle, opting for a more vibrant comic book direction. The user interface appears to have been completely overhauled as well, but it's the implementation of new characters – eight are glimpsed in the trailer, compared to the original's three – that perhaps spells the biggest change.

Of course, the big question is whether it'll actually be fun this time – but we'll reserve judgment on that until we get our hands on it. Credit to the developer for licking its wounds and trying again, though – that can't have been easy.

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