"I'll be keeping an eye out"

Are you worried that PlayStation Experience, an event taking place in Las Vegas, will be dominated by Western games? Don’t be, because it looks like everyone is invited to this party. Ex-1Up editor and current SCEA employee Shane Bettenhausen [Couldn’t he have picked an easier to spell surname? – Ed] has Tweeted an image hinting at some kind of Persona 5 appearance at this weekend’s convention.

There’s no word on what will actually be on show – Bettenhausen merely mentioned that his “Heart’s all Aflutter” – but it sure would be nice to get a proper look at the release. The last time that the hotly anticipated sequel was mentioned was during Sony’s pre-Tokyo Game Show conference, where it confirmed that the title would be coming to the PlayStation 4. Could a full blowout be on the cards?

[source twitter.com, via neogaf.com]