It's oh so quiet

If your childhood didn’t already teach you a lesson about the dangers of the dark, then video games sure are doing a bang-up job. The industry’s biggest trend at the moment revolves around titles that encourage you to build shelters during the day, so that you can survive through the night – and The Forest is absolutely no different.

Already available in Early Access on Steam, the ambitious indie was announced for the PlayStation 4 during Sony’s big PlayStation Experience keynote overnight, and places you in the shoes of a plane crash survivor, who finds himself trapped on an island teeming with cannibals. As such, you’ll need to forage for resources by day, in order to keep your stalkers at bay overnight.

Not only does this look absolutely glorious, but there are some more complex ideas at play. Indeed, apparently there’ll be the insinuation that your flesh-eating foes aren’t necessarily your enemies – and it’s you, through your antagonistic actions, that actually represents the threat. Interesting stuff, huh?