King of the world

As a sports game, Sony's consistently stellar baseball series doesn't get quite as much attention as its exclusive peers. It's still a big property for the platform holder, though, regularly commanding strong positions on the NPD software sales charts. MLB 15: The Show, then, is likely to be a big release when it rolls onto the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita on 31st March in North America.

"In addition to enhanced visuals, new gameplay features, and an improved online experience, [this latest entry] offers a renewed focus on player emotion and personality," explained director of production Chris Cutliff on the PlayStation Blog. "Our vision to deliver the most realistic baseball game doesn’t stop there. For the first time ever, The Show will feature licensed equipment from the most recognisable brands in baseball."

This will all be paired with an innovative new save feature, which will allow you to carry your progress forward between titles. You can check out the release's first teaser trailer below, with more news set to follow in the New Year. Are you eager to play ball with Sony San Diego's flagship sporting series? Catch us out in the comments section below.