Dragon Age: Inquisition PS4

Sadly, big budget RPGs are often in short supply these days, but when one finally comes along, it can turn out to be something special. Dragon Age: Inquisition is one such title, featuring a fantasy world that you can really sink your teeth into.

As the leader of the Inquisition – an independent faction that's assembled to sort out the mess that the world's in – it's your job to thwart evil and unite the powers of Thedas against a common foe. Using political plots, military might, and good old subterfuge, spreading the Inquisition's influence is an addictive experience, and the release does a fantastic job of putting you right in the heart of events.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Review
Set aside a good few weeks of your life, because the Inquisition takes no prisoners when it comes to your free time. An RPG that manages to successfully tie an engrossing, engaging narrative to a vast, explorable world, BioWare's fantasy epic is one of the studio's greatest achievements. With superb writing and rewarding gameplay, Dragon Age: Inquisition offers just about everything that you could want from a genre that's been sorely missed on the PS4.

You're not alone, though. Throughout your adventure, you'll gather a group of diverse characters who you can form some lovely friendships with. From the stern Cassandra to the daring Iron Bull, the game's immediate cast is its core pillar of strength, and each personality is brilliantly written.

However, with dialogue choices abound, your allies aren't the only characters who develop as the plot moves forward. As the Inquisitor, you can decide whether you want to be ruthless, benevolent, or somewhere in between, and the choices that you make will have a direct impact on your comrades and the vast, explorable world itself.

BioWare's latest can last you over 100 hours, as you clash with your enemies, engage in conversations, explore, and find oodles of glorious loot. It's a real labour of love from a developer that's moved away from its comfort zone of more linear environments, and the result is the PlayStation 4's best RPG.

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[ Words: Robert Ramsey ]