Dead on arrival

If the trailer Techland revealed for Dying Light at The Game Awards today teaches us anything, it's that the game is attempting to tell a much more mature story. Indeed, the clip begins with a hifalutin quote from famed philosopher and playwright Albert Camus, who would undoubtedly turn in his grave if he knew that his work was being used to market a video game about killing zombies.

Philosophical fumbling notwithstanding, the trailer does a fairly good job of selling the title's narrative. What's more, while the voice acting certainly doesn't quite reach Bioware levels of brilliance, the main characters thankfully don't all have frustratingly inauthentic accents. Well, except the requisite burly Australian NPC, of course, who still sports an almost unbearable twang.

Are you looking forward to Dying Light, or are you happy to never play another zombie game ever again? Let us know in the comments section below.