Distance PS4

WipEout’s absence is the elephant in the PlayStation 4’s peripheral vision right now, but neon soaked indie Distance may yet go some way to plugging the seminal Studio Liverpool series' vacated space. The forthcoming Tron-esque Light Cycle-a-thon sees you commandeering acrobatic cars through a dark and mysterious land. Yes, it’s fusing a narrative with behind-the-wheel antics.

“The world has a mysterious history, and as you explore, you’ll be able to uncover pieces of its past,” explained Jordan Hemenway on the PlayStation Blog. “Adventure mode takes you through a short story where you incrementally earn each of the car’s abilities and use them to survive the increasingly deadly environment.”

And what are these abilities? Well, you can jump, boost, rotate, and even fly – moves that you’ll need to employ when racing online, as they comprise one of the only ways to keep your engine cool. The title’s absolutely oozing style, so we can’t wait to see more at PlayStation Experience this week. Has this tickled your fancy? Go fast in the comments section below.

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