"Oh look, Christian's online"

While the PlayStation 3 launched with the feature, the PlayStation 4 doesn’t have online friend notifications yet. This is probably due to the device allowing you to add up to 2,000 buddies, which could result in a lot of ‘xXCuttoPiecesXx Is Now Online’ icons appearing. Regardless of this potential problem, it’s one of the most demanded firmware update features doing the rounds right now – and it looks like Sony has been listening.

A brand new YouTube video designed to introduce potential purchasers to the system’s party features shows a login pop-up appearing during a game of Destiny. Seeing as this isn’t actually a function available on the format yet, many are pondering whether it could be implemented in the very near future. Strangely, the icon is shown on the right-hand side of the screen, despite PS4 notifications actually displaying on the left.

That suggests to us that this is probably some kind of mock-up, but we’ve no doubt that the actual functionality will be added in the near future. Perhaps the platform holder could make it so that you can ‘favourite’ a select few friends, and only show login updates for those. Makes sense, huh?

[source youtube.com, via eurogamer.net]