As promised last week, PlayStation 4 exclusive Bloodborne has recently received a slew of new screenshots. Obviously, if you're planning on tackling the game without taking in a single spoiler, we suggest that you stop reading right now. The images themselves include several juicy new details, including a gentlemanly invention known as the 'Swordstick'.

However, arguably the most interesting revelation is a new level known as 'Yharnam'. The description on the game's official Japanese website states that its dark and mysterious catacombs "change appearance depending on the person that sees them". While obviously not an out and out confirmation, this definitely suggests that this particular level may be randomly generated. Or indeed, it may indicate that the entire game has a different layout each time that you play.

The other considerably less exciting option is that this is a similar system to the one used in Demon's Souls, which changes the appearance of some areas based on world tendency. What do you make of these new screenshots? Have you bought your ticket for the Bloodborne hype train? Ready your weapons in the comments section below.

[source jp.playstation.com, via dualshockers.com]