It’s been ten years since this fresh faced editor first read about PlayStation 2’s supposed ‘Halo killer’ Killzone in one of the many gaming magazines around at the time. The series hasn’t gone on to become quite the commercial juggernaut that many predicted, but it’s still carved out a sizeable fanbase for itself, with each mainline instalment attaining solid sales numbers.

Guerrilla Games recently commemorated the franchise’s anniversary with some free and premium DLC for the most recent entry Killzone: Shadow Fall, but Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has come up with something cooler – promotional images based on Freedom Wars, The Tomorrow Children, and, of course, Knack.

The problem is that we now want to see the pint-sized protagonist added to the game as real DLC. Come on Sony, this could be Killzone's very own Oddjob moment.

Kill Ann 2
Kill Ann 3