Voxel this about?

Like many of you, we blindly bought Resogun’s season pass earlier in the year, despite not knowing what it would actually entail. It’s been a few months since the title’s first pack, Heroes, deployed, so we’ve been patiently waiting for a fresh excuse to save the last humans. Fortunately, developer Housemarque has hinted that its super secret new expansion will hopefully be ready in time for the holidays.

“Sony likes the second expansion very much,” a spokesperson for the studio wrote on its official forum. “They believe that something that we included (please notice the vague wording) is so good that it deserves expanded content. So, you'll get more content for the same price.” Well, we can’t argue with that.

Unfortunately, this means that the mysterious add-on will take a little extra time to finish. “This means that we’re not wrapping up this week, and we'll need additional weeks of development time,” the representative concluded. “No clue on the release date as of now, but it would be a shame if we missed the holiday season.” Are you up for more of the Finnish outfit’s arcade blaster? Boost into the comments section below.

[source housemarqueblog.com]