The gang's all here

It certainly hasn't received the same sort of backlash that Mass Effect 3 got when it was announced that Commander Shepard's final chapter would sport its own co-op component, but perhaps that's led to Dragon Age: Inquisition's multiplayer offering flying a little under the radar.

Indeed, much like the sci-fi series' fantastic co-op mode, BioWare's latest plays host to a similar component that sees you and up to three allies tackle the enemies of the Inquisition together. First impressions around the web have been positive, and anyone who's still curious about the monster slaying mode should be delighted to know that the developer plans on live streaming it for all to see very shortly.

Starting at 12PM CST — that's 6PM for us in the UK — the stream will be handled by series producer Scylla Costa and associate producer Billy Buskell. Is there anything in particular that you hope to see? Tune in with us, team up with us, and then tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.