Bug squad

Grand Theft Auto V’s pre-load has gone live on the PlayStation 4 prior to the re-release’s launch next week, but a handful of users are complaining about problems tied to the early download. Apparently, for some, the file is prompting error codes ‘CE-37700-7’ or ‘CE-36249-4’, though we can’t seem to find a solution for the issue yet. If you’re having this setback, your best bet is probably to wait and see if it rights itself later in the day – or contact Sony support. We’ll keep you updated.

Assuming that you can pull down the title, you’ll also need to grab its launch day patch, which means that you’re going to be eating up a lot of bandwidth over the coming hours. Fortunately, the ability to download prior to release means that you should be ready by the time that the title unlocks on 18th November. Will you be returning to Los Santos next week, or did you have your fill of the sandbox on the PlayStation 3? Attempt to download in the comments section below.

[source neogaf.com, via gearnuke.com]