Grand Theft Auto V PS4 PlayStation 4

You may want to give your buddy Lester Crest a call, as you’ve got a heist to arrange. No, you’re not going bank robbing this time – instead, you’re infiltrating Rockstar Games’ head office in order to snatch one of these custom PlayStation 4 consoles. Constructed as part of a giveaway on the developer’s official Facebook page, the chances of success are slim – so you’re going to need to turn the odds in your favour.

Why? Well, because this isn’t your average personalised platform: the green highlights are strips of plastic and the dollar bill texture all over the console has been “laser etched onto micro-perforated metal panelling”. Naturally, we don’t actually condone criminal activity as indicated above, but we’re curious: how far would you go to own one of these? You can try and win the competition the honest way through here.

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