"Can never be too prepared for Black Friday"

It’s another day of how low can you go on Amazon.co.uk, but it’s a pretty bad one for those of you searching for deals for Sony’s systems. There are a ton of Disney Infinity discounts set to go live from 16:30PM GMT, but arguably the most notable offer today revolves around Watch Dogs on the PlayStation 4. That’ll be up for grabs from 19:30PM GMT, with the price likely to dip to around £24.99 or lower.

We thought that Ubisoft’s hack happy escapade was pretty decent – even if it wasn’t quite the success story that many were anticipating prior to launch. “Watch Dogs isn't a hack job, but it isn't the next-gen revolution that many were expecting either,” a critical Robert Ramsey wrote in our review. “It's a game largely made up of mediocre bits and pieces, but is elevated far beyond the sum of its parts by its brilliantly dynamic sandbox and often gripping mission design.”

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