"I did that?"

Love it or hate it, Watch Dogs has been a huge success for Ubisoft. The new property, which sees you hacking your way through Chicago as a gruff cyber-hero out for revenge, was well received by both critics and consumers alike, and in the publisher's latest financial report, it's announced that the game has shipped nine million copies.

The impressive thing is that just three months ago, that total equalled one million less. CEO Yves Guillemot cited Watch Dogs itself as a major part of the company's recent success, saying "Ubisoft continued to capitalize on the popularity of new consoles, the successful launch of Watch Dogs, the quality of its back catalog and the considerable growth of the digital segment." Not bad at all for the beginning of what will inevitably evolve into a new franchise for the French publisher.

Have you snapped up a copy of Watch Dogs lately, or have you been on a hacking spree since day one? Whip out your magical smartphone in the comments section below.

[source joystiq.com]