Vita Theme Firmware

Unlike the PlayStation 4, the PlayStation Vita has always been relatively customisable. Straight out of the box, Sony allowed you to personalise the platform’s bubbly user interface with different colours and pictures – but that functionality’s evolved today. As part of the portable’s v3.30 firmware update, the company has incorporated themes, which can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store. Bizarrely, these aren’t available in Europe just yet, but a few can be downloaded overseas.

YouTube user OmniOmegaOB has been busy giving the functionality a go, and has posted a video showing off the three custom designs available in Japan right now. These include two free options – Crystal and Stitching – as well as a premium purchase based on murder mystery Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. Each of these add custom backgrounds, icons, and audio, which can be toggled in the Settings application on the hardware’s home screen.

Honestly, we were hoping for a few unique animations and such, but we suppose that it took a little while for the PlayStation 3's themes to really pick up speed. We’re not sure that we’d pay for any of these in their current guise, but we’ll happily take the free ones. What type of dapper designs would you eventually like to dress your Vita with? Flaunt your fashionable ideas in the comments section below.