PlayBook 4 PS4

There are people that don’t have much spare time – and others that have way too much. One such talented individual is Ed Zarick, a self-taught engineer who may have abnormal amounts of free time, but is at least putting it to good use. Having previously designed the Xbook – a portable Xbox 360 for those out of the loop – he’s now created the PlayBook 4, which is exactly what you’d expect.

The briefcase sized portable product features a 3D printed plastic case, which houses a PlayStation 4 inside. In its top half, it includes a 22-inch Vizio 1080p display, which is perfect for playing Destiny on the move. Bizarrely, you can actually purchase one of the modified machine’s right now for $1,395.00, so if you’ve got cash to burn, you know what you need to do.

We admit that it does look remarkably professional – although we’re not too keen on the decals – but we’re not sure why anyone would pay such an enormous sum for the novelty of owning one of these. After all, if you really wanted a portable PS4, you could just buy a Vita and take advantage of its Remote Play functionality, right?

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