Minecraft's looking good these days

It was only a matter of time before a crafty fan remade Hideo Kojima's harrowing P.T. demo in Minecraft, and, as usual, the enterprising community has outdone itself. All of your favourite moments are represented here: the famous looping hallway, the embarrassingly dirty bathroom, and, of course, the lingering sense that downloading this horrifying demo was a mistake you'll regret for the rest of your life.

In truth, the best thing about this remake is that it allows scaredy cats - such as this very reporter - to play through the game without having to ruin a perfectly good pair of trousers. Oh, and the blocky representation of the title's infamous jump scare is also hilariously adorable. But what do you think? Would you be more inclined to give P.T. a shot if it were rendered in Minecraft's retro style? Tell us it's a slow news day in the comments section below.

[source polygon.com, via youtube.com]