Kuma, kuma, chameleon

Hallowe’en is fast approaching, which means that you’re probably panicking over outfits right now. Don’t settle for the bog-standard zombie, though, as this Teddie getup from Persona 4 should have your buddies scratching their heads. The cosy fleece comes complete with character appropriate details, such as a big zip on the rear, allowing you to pretend to remove your head.

Unfortunately, the costume is only available from Japan, so you may have to shelf this gnarly suit until next year. It’ll set you back ¥10,260 ($94) from the official Atlus store, which sadly doesn’t ship overseas. If you can find a friend to send it on, though, then you could quite happily be rocking up to future parties dressed as a bright red stuffed animal. Ten points for originality, huh?

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Have you ever worn a video game-inspired outfit to a Hallowe’en party? Which character would you like to dress up as given the chance? Pretend to be someone else in the comments section below.

[source ebten.jp, via siliconera.com]