Grand Theft Auto V PS4

Grand Theft Auto V maker Rockstar’s not exactly known for making things easy on itself. While other developers settle for simple sandboxes, the world renowned outfit tends to stuff its open worlds full of the teensiest details, allowing you to spend literally months finding everything. Don’t expect the upcoming PlayStation 4 port of its most recent sandbox smash to be simple, then, as the company has revealed all of the extras that will be exclusive to those returning to the next-gen release.

The most obvious among these are new vehicles, such as the matte black Imponte Duke O'Death, which you’ll unlock by completing new dynamic missions around the world. You’ll also nab a couple of extra weapons: the hatchet and the rail gun – the latter of which will come with its own set of Ammu-Nation shooting range challenges.

But that’s the simple stuff. Indeed, a new plot line will see you working as Michael to piece together clues in a murder mystery side-mission. Completing this will unlock two Noir Style Filters for use during gameplay and on your Snapmatic in-game camera. Speaking of which, there’ll also be new wildlife photography challenges, which will find Franklin channelling his inner-Afrika fanboyism.

And that’s not all: stock race competitions will enable you to unlock muscle cars adorned with decals from some of Los Santos’ most recognisable organisations, while a new set of collectibles pertaining to a Banksy-esque graffiti artist will see you unlock monkey costumes for your crew. There’ll even be new blimps and other bits and bobs to sweeten the deal.

There’s more information over at the Social Wire, including an FAQ regarding previous pre-order bonuses. Have these additional sweeteners convinced you to double dip on Rockstar’s forthcoming re-release? Try to talk yourself out of it in the comments section below.