Resogun PS Vita

Housemarque’s throwback arcade shooter Resogun is so good that we’d quite like to have a playable version augmented into our eyelids, but seeing as that’s not physically possible, we’ll settle for a PlayStation Vita version instead. Fortunately, it sounds like the Finnish indie is working on just that, assuming that comments made by Sony XDev Europe producer James Hawkins are correct.

To be honest, seeing as this hasn’t been mentioned in the past, we suspect that the employee may have spoken out of turn when talking about the portable port on the PlayStation Blog. “Keep watching this space,” he told a fan hungry for a handheld release, “the Vita version is coming, and is looking, sounding, and, most importantly, playing great.”

While we’re absolutely over the moon at this news, it’s indicative of the Vita’s current standing that a high profile project like this should get announced in such a nonchalant way. Nevertheless, we absolutely can’t wait to save the last humans on the bog. Will you be joining us for one last score chasing session? Post a new personal best in the comments section below.