This series got weird

As someone that wanted to record a concept album on the seven deadly sins [Don’t ask – Ed], we’re glad that a studio with actual talent is tackling the idea. Saints Row IV’s upcoming expansion, Gat Out of Hell, will boast seven firearms straight out of Satan’s weapon closet – and the brand new trailer embedded below gives you a quick look at them all. The gluttonous Armchair-a-Geddon is quite simply inspired.

You won’t have to wait long to off your enemies while lounging on your arse either, as publisher Deep Silver has pushed forward the standalone expansion’s release date in North America and Europe, with the zany sandbox now set to arrive on 20th January and 23rd January respectively. Don’t forget that if you want this on the PlayStation 4, you’ll be able to buy it as part of a retail bundle including Saints Row IV: Re-Elected. Those of you with a PlayStation 3 will have to make do with a digital download.