Alien: Isolation PS4 Reviews

You’d think that it would be easy to make a game about eight-foot aliens stomping around spaceships. However, if the abysmal Aliens: Colonial Marines taught us anything, it’s that it’s not so straightforward at all. Fortunately, the Creative Assembly has been quietly attempting to write a few wrongs behind its inconspicuous Horsham doors – and it’s cooked up Alien: Isolation as a result. Inspired by the original Ridley Scott sci-fi smash, the title sees you board the Sevastopol space station as Amanda Ripley, the daughter of Sigourney Weaver’s alter-ego. Hunted by just one of H.R. Giger’s repulsive extraterrestrials, the title aims to play the tensest game of cat and mouse ever conceived. But does it succeed?

Video Gamer - 9/10

It's a sublime shift, and one that near-totally changes the dynamic of the game, enabling it to keep your attention throughout. There are issues: it has about 17 endings, the first Alien encounter is clumsy and irritating, and the hostile human/android element doesn't add much other than frustration. On Hard, the recommended difficulty, you'll be hiding so much it might as well be called Lord Lucan Simulator 2014. - 8/10

A shorter, sharper campaign would condense the high points more potently, and some better characterisation would make the plot twists hit harder. But if you're looking for a game that really sinks its teeth into what makes this iconic movie monster endure, look no further.

Polygon - 6.5/10

In the process of contriving story twists and turns to support this spectacle, Alien: Isolation ruins the unique focus of its premise and moves away from the inspiration of the first film. It becomes something depressingly predictable for fans of the property who have been hurt again and again by underwhelming video game representations. Alien: Isolation isn't the worst Alien game, but thanks to its unrealized potential, it just might be the most disappointing.

GameSpot - 6/10

More relieving is that you won't have to trudge through the same duct-lined corridors for another however-many hours, or have to repeat ten minutes of switch-pulling and keycard-searching after firing a bullet into a friendly's head because you presumed she might attack you, as so many dwellers do. Alien: Isolation provides us a glimpse into a future that holds the Alien game you've always wanted. It is not, however, the vessel that carries you there.

IGN - 5.9/10

It may seem strange to complain that a game’s too long, but when the genuine scares of being hunted by an unstoppable predator are so diluted by repetition and padding, Isolation’s epic length really does work against it. Someday, someone is going to make an incredible Alien video game that checks every box. But, sadly, Isolation is not it.

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