"Rebel rebel, you've torn your dress"

2015 is shaping up to be the year of the space sim, with the recent announcement of Rebel Galaxy signalling the newest entry in the soon-to-be-pervasive genre. This seriously stylish title - created by a handful of the devs behind the Torchlight games - is purportedly going to flip the genre on its head by speeding up its traditionally stodgy combat systems.

What's more, unlike No Man's Sky's flamboyant flora and kodachrome caverns, Double Damage's inaugural outing is attempting to simulate a much less idyllic universe. Indeed, in a recent PlayStation Blog post, the developers described the title's location as a "greasy, rusty place on the edge of the known universe, where the ships are barely holding it together, and the people are, too."

The game currently has a frustratingly vague 2015 release date, though, so it's probably best to save up your hype for later. Do you like the sound of Rebel Galaxy? Charge your lasers in the comments section below.

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