Kingdom Hearts 3 III PS4

With veteran heel dragger Tetsuya Nomura in charge, we all know that Kingdom Hearts III is several years away. However, the legendary developer seems eager to shake off his longstanding reputation, by being proactive and switching production to Unreal Engine 4 – ditching the firm’s in-house technology in the process.

“Surely and steadily, we're progressing on schedule,” the former Final Fantasy XV chief exclaimed in an interview with Famitsu magazine. “For various reasons, we've changed the game engine to Unreal Engine 4, because of which we've been facing rendering troubles. But Epic Games has been really cooperative and helpful, so we're progressing just fine.”

Of course, there’s absolutely no word on when the Disney tie-in will ever release, with Nomura instead stressing that he’s busy beavering away on new outfits for series stars Sora and Riku. As long as they’ve got ample zippers about their person, we reckon that everything will be hunky dory behind closed doors.

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