Home PS4

Forget horrific parties with your pals, staying in sounds like the most entertaining option this coming Hallowe’en. Indie developer Benjamin Rivers has announced that, alongside Costume Quest 2, side-scrolling horror Home will be releasing on the PlayStation 4 in North America next week. A slimmed down PlayStation Vita port will follow, and will be cross-buy compatible, so you’ll score that for free when it arrives.

Even better, the title will be on sale for just $2.99 during its launch period, putting it into impulse purchase territory. But, what is the game? “This horror adventure is a player-driven story that responds to your choices; taking cues from adventure games as well as side-scrollers, what happens in Home is entirely up to the player,” the developer explained. “As you make choices and even explore, the game changes in subtle ways to reflect your adventure.”

With the likes of Lone Survivor and Outlast already on Sony’s next-gen machine, the PS4 is becoming a bit of a haven for indie horror escapades. Is this one fear-fest that you’re willing to face on the spookiest day of the year, or will you be sticking with the significantly less scary Costume Quest 2? Shake, rattle, and roll in the comments section below.

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