PlayStation 4 PS4 Fans

PlayStation Experience is approaching faster than a freight train filled with hype, and Sony has started to hint at the kind of things that you can expect to see during the December show. Writing on the PlayStation Blog, the platform holder has deployed a delicious list detailing some of the studios that will be present at the community event, which includes first-party outfits such as Guerrilla Games, Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch, Media Molecule, and more.

They’ll be joined by third-party publishers, too – including Activision, EA Games, Ubisoft, and Warner Bros – and will all unite for exciting “announcements, panels, booths, merchandise, and playable games”. Think of this as the Devastator of gaming conventions, and you should be on the right track. Of course, while certain forums are already plotting out exclusive reveals that tally in the double figures, it’s worth noting that not all of these companies will have something new to share.

There will be playable games galore, though, with attendees promised hands-on time with everything from Bloodborne to Until Dawn, and much more in between. Interestingly, the hotly anticipated Game of Thrones spin-off by Telltale Games will be on the showfloor, as will the Grim Fandango remake for the PlayStation 4. The likes of Tearaway Unfolded and The Tomorrow Children will also get their first public demos as well.

If that’s not enough, attendees will be able to get some eyes-on time with Project Morpheus, and the platform holder is teasing that it has something “super special planned for No Man’s Sky”. Intriguing, huh? Of course, it wouldn’t be a PlayStation event without a few indie developers to boot, and over 80 individual titles from dozens of smaller studios will be on display. Sold yet? Yeah, us too – fortunately tickets are still available through here.