Driveclub Ps4 12

It’s been quite literally a long and winding road since launch, but DriveClub is almost ready to race. Evolution Studios has spent the past ten or so days putting out flames on the game's servers, but has insisted on its Facebook page that “the majority of players should now be able to connect and play online”. We can confirm from our end that things are now working largely as intended.

This includes the ability to join the game’s titular Clubs, race with others online, and compete in Face-Offs, which are dynamic challenges that appear as you play. The developer does caution that it’s still updating its servers behind-the-scenes, so you may yet experience some issues – but hopefully these are now the exception to the rule.

All of this means that the PlayStation Plus version can’t be too far away. While the Runcorn-based developer hasn’t provided a written update, it has stressed in the past that it’s committed to making the complimentary copy available as soon as possible. With a massive influx of players set to join when it publishes the spruced up sampler, though, it better make sure that everything’s water tight this time.