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The ballot papers have been collected, counted, rigged, re-counted, and revealed – and Alien: Isolation has won this year’s official EGX London 2014 game of the show. We’re contrary kittens here at Push Square, though, and we reckon that the British gaming public’s got its favourite PlayStation 4 titles in the wrong order. Fortunately, we have an empty feature slot this Friday, so we’re going to reveal our top three titles – and we dare anyone to disagree.

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Demon’s Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki doesn’t realise it, but he’s opened an entire generation’s eyes to the appeal of BDSM. Hundreds endured the torture of lining up for Bloodborne’s demo at EGX London last week; like lambs to the slaughter, they eagerly awaited their gruesome fate. Our team managed an average of two to three minutes in the game’s ghastly Gothic setting, but that was more than enough to earn the hotly anticipated PS4 exclusive a place on this list. To be fair, the cloth physics look properly amazing.

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Until Dawn

Any title that manages to keep a straight face with a serial killer inspired by a Slipknot music video deserves a mention on this list – but Until Dawn genuinely could be the next best worst thing on Sony’s hotcake toppling super machine. Alright, the animations look like they’ve been ripped right out of a Wallace & Gromit movie, but how can you possibly hate a game that uses Twitter hashtags to underline the horror of an ever-present spectre with a terrifying aversion to cleaning her teeth? #GameoftheYear.

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WWE 2K15

With an overexcited crowd, sweaty beefcakes, and more bad costumes than a downtown fancy dress shop, WWE 2K15 may well have been a damning depiction of EGX London’s average attendee. Either way, 2K Sports’ first proper take on Vince McMahon’s dumb as a Dib Dab wrestling empire is an honest to god King of the Ring contender. We spent more time abusing each other with virtual chairs than real ones on the showfloor last week – and, as anyone that’s ever visited our office will attest, that’s an impressive achievement.

Has all of that time staring at John Cena’s perfectly sculpted abs sent us mad, or are our PS4 picks proper bo? Let us know if you’re looking forward to any of these titles in the comments section below.