DriveClub PS4

Even though DriveClub’s issues are slowly edging into ‘unacceptable’ territory as far as we’re concerned, we suppose that developer Evolution Studios does at least deserve credit for providing updates on the game’s progress every 24 hours. That’s surely something, right? Sigh.

Seriously, though, the developer stresses that it’s still working around the clock to get things fixed. “Over the next 24 hours we are rolling out a new game update alongside server upgrades that will help to improve server performance, clubs, and multiplayer functionality,” a spokesperson said.

The message, posted to the game’s official Facebook page, continued: “We are also running essential diagnostics periodically to help us continue to improve server performance, which may disrupt online play for you when you get connected. This will be kept to a minimum.”

While you waste away waiting for the title to connect, you could always read our gameplay tips. After all, you’ll want to make sure that you’re King of the Road should the title actually ever work as advertised, huh?