"Haven't you got somewhere else to be?"

It may seem like we’re playing tricks with you, but we can guarantee that we’re not – Sackboy really is joining the Costume Quest 2 cast on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. Due out ahead of Hallowe’en in North America next week, Double Fine’s hotly anticipated knock and run sequel will allow you to dress up as Media Molecule’s cute and cuddly character – and take him into combat.

For those unfamiliar with the seasonal series, it’s essentially a rudimentary role-playing game with a really fun theme. As with other games in the genre, you’ll divide your time here between buccaneering and turn-based battles – but the twist is that you’ll play as twins Wren and Reynold out in pursuit of sweet, sweet candy. Of course, dastardly dentist Dr. Orel White has other ideas.

The game will deploy on 28th October in North America, and will cost you $14.99. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the release date has been locked down in Europe just yet. “We’re working with Sony Europe to finalise the release date,” explained Midnight City publishing boss Casey Lynch. “We should have some news very soon.” Given SCEE’s recent record, expect it to miss Hallowe’en...

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