Hardrives are hurting

The PlayStation 4 may come packed with 500GB of internal storage, but if you're like us, and enjoy indulging in as many games as possible, this probably isn't enough room. Joining a recent cavalcade of absurdly large downloads, Call of Duty's latest annual outing will hold approximately 43GB of your PS4's hard drive space hostage according to a listing on the PlayStation Network. Bizarrely, the UK PSN website has the title listed at just 40GB.

Why is the file so big, you ask? Well, we suspect it has something to do with the undoubtedly byzantine physics engine required to give Kevin Spacey's face the detailed digital treatment it so sorely deserves. And while this download is a far sight smaller than the next-gen rereleases of Grand Theft Auto V and The Last of Us, it'll still carve up a fairly sizable chunk of your super system's internal memory.

Will you be downloading Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, or are discs the only way to go? Lock 'n' load in the comments section below.

[source vg247.com]