Is this what studying looks like?

Project Morpheus is exciting tech for PlayStation 4. The potential, the possibilities — its only limit is the imagination of the developers working with it. And, well, if you're Katsuhiro Harada, head of the Tekken development team, then a virtual reality headset brings only one thing to mind: a schoolgirl.

That's right, Summer Lesson is a game – nay, experience – which has you interacting with an anime-styled schoolgirl as she studies at her desk. From the very limited amount that we can glean so far, it seems that it's mostly about exploring a girl's virtual bedroom, nodding and shaking your head to answer her questions, and generally building a relationship – a platonic one, we'd hope – with this girl.

There's little explanation as to why the girl is dressed in a school uniform during the summer holidays, but I think we have an idea. It's probably safe to say that, although the video shows off a female player, the target audience for this one is primarily male.

We should be getting more details on Harada's project soon, when the Tokyo Game Show kicks off on the 18th September. In the unlikely event that Summer Lesson makes it to the West, would any of you be picking it up? Let us know in the comments section below – there's no shame here.