Podium position

Sony’s strategy with the PlayStation 4 appears to revolve around bundling everything, so it’s no surprise to see the firm use up any remaining Glacier White models by packaging them with DriveClub. Starting from 8th October in Europe, you’ll be able to buy an icy console alongside Evolution Studios’ impending next-gen racer for €439.99 (approximately £345), which is sure to get discounted further if you shop around.

If you prefer the black console, then the platform holder’s reviving its mega bundle from last year, packaging the abovementioned drive-‘em-up with a system, two controllers, and a PlayStation Camera. That’ll set you back €499.99 (around £392), which, frankly, is a staggering deal. Will you be picking up either of these? Let us know in the comments section below.

DriveClub PS4

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