DriveClub PS4

DriveClub’s free PlayStation Plus download has caused more controversy than a steak dinner in a vegetarian restaurant at times, but Sony finally appears to have come good on the deal. In addition to pledging two additional PlayStation 4 giveaways during the week of the complimentary title’s release, the platform holder has also put the upgrade up for pre-order on the European PlayStation Store – at a significantly lower price than expected.

Originally, it was thought that the full game unlock would retail for around £42.99, but it appears that it will go for £34.99 instead. It’s not entirely clear whether this is an error – it’s showing as unavailable at the time of typing – but game director Paul Rustchynsky has been tweeting about it all evening, so it would be a shame to see the firm go back on this offer. Moreover, given the online buzz surrounding the discount, we suspect that this cheaper fee may be good for digital sales.

Right now, you can purchase the physical version for £49.00 from, so this does represent a real noteworthy saving. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like you’ll be getting quite as good deal in North America, with the upgrade costing $49.99 – just $10 less than the full retail price of $59.99. Still, any discount is better than nothing, right? Let us know if you’ll be buying Evolution Studios’ next-gen racer in the comments section below.

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