Destiny PS4 Reviews

The industry hasn’t been quite as eager to rush out Destiny reviews as quickly as we expected, which is good to see. That said, with the campaign purportedly taking about 10 hours to complete – leaving ample time to experience the Crucible and a few Strikes – critiques are beginning to appear for Bungie’s next big thing. We’ll be updating this article as new appraisals take to the skies, so be sure to check back for more – and for our own verdict, of course.

Cheat Code Central - 9/10

I could sit and talk about Destiny all day long, but my wife summed up best what Destiny was to gamers. “It’s like Halo and Borderlands got together one night for some great fun and had a beautiful baby.” I personally think she hit the nail on the head, but there are obviously a few things that imply other genres stepping in as well. It’s because Bungie knows the areas they need to play it safe, and because Bungie knows the areas they want to attempt to explore and make better that I am glad this is the game I have waited for all year long, and why I feel this is another example of why the next-gen console cycle is ready to take off into new, exciting, and interesting ways. Destiny, simply put, might just be the game of year, but definitely makes you want to join the next generation.

The Guardian - 4/5

Destiny, isn’t just set in space, it is an allegory of space. It is beautiful and fascinating, but oh so cold and immense, and the past engulfs everything.

Hardcore Gamer - 4/5

Destiny isn’t the convention-bending masterpiece it’s been touted to be, but it remains a fine shooter. Like a massively budgeted Phantasy Star Online, players can get lost for hours raiding planets, even if the content is finite. The visuals, interface, framerate and online matchmaking, combined with one of the best original soundtracks ever to grace a video game, make for impeccable production values. This is an experience that could have benefited from being open world, however, as well as having more varied combat and map design. Facing wave after wave of aliens could prove addictive for some, but tiring for others. Considering the lack of microtransactions and subscription fees, though, it’s undeniable that Destiny delivers. Its constellation may not yet be written in the stars, but those willing to experience its universe won’t soon be disenchanted.

NZGamer - 7/10

Destiny isn’t a bad game, by any means. If you like sci-fi shooters, you’ll get a good 20 hours of enjoyment out of this. But that’s really all it is; a fun, forgettable shooter that plays it safe and sticks to what’s been proven, with nothing to really set it apart from its peers. But maybe that’s for the best, because Destiny’s one area of attempted innovation - its hyped up social elements, persistent world, and multiplayer gameplay, are its biggest failing.

Polygon - 6/10

As just another game, Destiny is a confusing combination of often at-odds elements — it presents itself as ambitious, almost boastful, while seeming strangely safe and reserved. It wants to eat its cake as a shooter, and have the longevity of an MMO — but it lacks the combat sophistication of the former, and the deep well of content native to the latter.

Gamespot - 6/10

You might summarize Destiny by the way in which it wraps up its story. Once the final, hackneyed closing scene finishes, fireteam members are awarded the same weapon, regardless of class, and a handful of currency. This reminder of how wholly unspecial you are is the big finale of a lavishly produced but troubled game that excels in the basics but lacks creativity and heart. It is role-playing grind in shooter form--an empty house built on a firm foundation.

Giant Bomb - 3/5

When you throw it all together, you're left with a game where the missions are designed to be repeatable, but all the missions are so repetitive that it's hard to get excited to see the same handful of environments again and again and again as you attempt to grind out faction reputation or hunt around for high-end weapons. It's a beautiful game, but a hollow experience.

The Escapist - 3/5

With its banal universe and flavorless style, Destiny is packed with content, but just ... well ... content. There's a great PvP mode, and the leveling system can be rewarding, but nonetheless this is a pretty, rock-solid, ultimately pedestrian product.

Do these reviews seem on the money to you? What would you rate Activision’s latest blockbuster now that you’ve had time to try it? Dismantle everyone’s opinion in the comments section below.