Ss 07 ENG

If you're a fan of niche Japanese titles, you've more than likely looked at the release line up this month and cried into you wallet. To help alleviate your pain, strategy RPG Natural Doctrine, which is being released for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita, has had its release date bumped back to give it some much needed breathing room. Thankfully, it's only been shuffled back two weeks to the 30th September in North America, and the 3rd October in Europe.

However, this fiendishly difficult SRPG will make up for its kindness by destroying your soul, judging from the latest trailer. Giving insight into the highly strategical combat system, it shows how you can manipulate the terrain to change the tides of battle, and how important teamwork will be in the struggles ahead. If the amount of game over screens are anything to go by, we may have another Dark Souls incident on our hands, where we'll find staff members broken and crying in the corner.

Take a look at the trailer that we've embedded to see if the brutality piques your interest, and then write your last words in the comments section below.