PlayStation 4 UK Prices

While we do tend to pay over the odds a lot of the time, the best thing about living in the UK – aside from fish and chips, of course – is that retailers will fight tooth and nail for your business. This results in a ridiculous number of loss leaders, where supermarkets and specialist chains will launch outrageous deals in order to drive foot traffic into their stores. It also means that prices drop incredibly fast, as various shops react to different promotions.

It’s no real surprise, then, to see a flurry of outfits reduce the price of the PlayStation 4 around the web today – even if it hasn’t technically received a price drop like the Xbox One. For those out of the loop, Microsoft confirmed yesterday that it will be selling its next-gen system for £329.99 in these parts moving forwards – and that includes bundles with some of its biggest games. But already, retailers are bringing Sony’s system down to the same price.

For example, on right now, you can buy the Japanese giant’s best selling box for £329.00 alongside a copy of the upcoming FIFA 15. The online arm of HMV is offering an identical deal, albeit a few pennies more at £329.99. In fact, if you were particularly quick, you could have imported the soccer sim alongside one of the PlayStation maker’s slick new systems for just £313.00 from GameStop Ireland earlier in the week.

And it’s not just EA Sports’ footy franchise that’s getting in on the action. The British branch of GameStop is selling the console’s Watch Dogs bundle for £329.97, while Amazon (again) is currently out of stock on its Destiny package, which was, until very recently, also going for £329.00. It’s now being sold by a third-party seller at a premium – for £377.08 to be precise. Even GAME, a notoriously expensive outlet, has a bundle featuring FIFA 15 and The Last of Us Remastered for a reasonable £349.99.

The message, then, is that the market in the UK is heating up ahead of Christmas – and that means that console prices are dropping across the board. Microsoft may be making more of a deal out of its RRP reduction to £329.99, but it seems that Sony’s allowing retailers to go ahead and sell its system for the same price, too. While this is likely to increase sales for both manufacturers, the real winners here are consumers, who are going to get much more for much less money when they head to the shops.

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