Eau de Destiny

Better hunker down, because a new storm's brewing in the ongoing — and non-existent — console war. You may already know this all too well, but Sony has a marketing deal with Activision and Bungie regarding imminent sci-fi shooter, Destiny. This essentially means that every advert for the title you see, whether it's on a television, a website, or even in a subway, will always tag the release as if it's a PlayStation exclusive.

It doesn't stop there, either, as Destiny is getting a load of PlayStation exclusive content when it launches on September 9th. But what does that mean for Microsoft and the Xbox brand? Well, funnily enough, the company's launched a marketing scheme of its own by promoting Destiny themed perfume — and yes, you read that right.

It's a pretty clever piece of advertising, but we can't help but feel all of these exclusivity deals are just getting more ridiculous by the day. After all, the fragrance's teaser website reads "okay, so here’s the lowdown: Destiny is actually an epic new first-person shooter, available on Xbox. Thing is, we didn’t have permission to run adverts for the game. So we didn’t. Thanks for smelling that something was up. Now get the game and become a legend.” See what we mean?

Anyway, it's a daft bit of news, that's for sure, but what do you make of it? Tell us if you'd like to stink of Destiny in the comments section below.

[source mcvuk.com]